What We Value

“We as humans are creative beings and as such,
have the ability to create beauty, community and abundance everywhere.”

Road up to StelleTwo Primary Directives
We feel that we are here on Earth for more than what our dominant culture exemplifies.  We sense that as a culture we have become less healthy, less wise, less tolerant, less happy, while at the same time we have done great harm to the planet and future generations.  We feel that we have two primary directives as humans:
1.   To live life fully–awake and amazed
2.   To find ways to live abundantly well on this planet while leaving it in better condition than when we arrived on it.

We know that simply by being here and expressing our full humanness in this world, that we can leave this planet in better condition because we were here—whether we improve the natural world, the human condition, or both.  We as humans are creative beings and as such, have the ability to create beauty, community and abundance everywhere.

Universal Concepts or Laws
We also feel that just as there are basic laws that govern our natural world, there are also natural laws or ways of thinking and being in the world that create real, honest, abundant and secure human societies.  Some of these ways of thinking and seeing are:

  • The work of creating genuine community begins with the work of knowing, healing, and loving ourselves.
  • We are all connected.
  • Collaboration with each other and nature is the only road to abundance, security and peace on this planet.
  • We are a part of nature and are evolving, as is the planet.
  • It is by giving, learning and growing that we find something called genuine happiness.
  • There is enough on this planet to create security and abundance for everyone.
  • Health comes from joy (free of unnecessary stress) and whole foods (free of chemicals and GMOs)
  • Buildings and homes can be made to last hundreds of years, requiring little maintenance and withstanding earthquakes and hurricanes. We can all live mortgage free.
  • For community and joy to truly exist, so must music, playfulness, craftsmanship and art.
  • It is possible for everyone to live abundantly well by working only 4 hours per day.

We are committed to aligning our lives to these natural laws in contemplation of how we might effect the next 7 generations.