Where We Are Headed

Our work is to demonstrate a way of living in the world that cares for all people, the natural world, and future generations.

We see the work of CSC continuing on for generations.

People Committed to what is Possible Make CommunityWe have a foundational plan, but there are a million details and much creative energy needed for it to fully manifest into the world.  Does this feel like your work as well?

The work before us as individuals is to make ourselves available to do that work that resonates with us; to share the gifts that we have or the gifts we have the ability to develop as a simple part of our nature.

We will also become the friends to those who join us in this work from wherever you live, and neighbors to those who end up moving to Stelle.  Building authentic relationships and community is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of what we are doing here for without an authentic connection to each other, the earth and future generations, there can be no sustainable community in the world, only a cordial tolerance of a plastic way of living.

So, looking forward over the lifetime of this organization, CSC may not peak or hit its maturity for 100 years, or more.  We are talking about holding a vision and creating an authentic spot on the planet that will continue to evolve…for generation and beyond.

The work of each generation is to prepare the way for the next wave of inspired beings.

To some of you, these words will hit deeply and strike a clear cord.  For others, they may seem merely nice, interesting, or even naive. And such is life.

But there have always been those on the planet who have come with a knowing, understood or not, who have pierced the veil of our many temporary and elusive cultures, and arrived, hungry and willing to do the work of creating something real and authentic in this world.  Something anchored in the energy of creation and love. 

Consider joining us if this resonates with you.