Land Design

Permaculture Design for CSC’s Property

A Conceptual Permaculture Design for CSC’s 8.7 acres of land was co-created by CSC and Midwest Permaculture in 2011/12 and approved by CSC members, associates and the Board of Directors at an open meeting in March of 2012.  Work on implementing the design has begun and is expected to take the better part of 5 years to fully implement. Maybe you have a part in its creation?  

Some of the design features include:

  • A year-round greenhouse heated via downdraft wood gasification
  • Hugelkultured swales with a linear food forest
  • Coppicing/Pollarding our trees for fuel and fodder
  • Conversion of an old orchard into a food forest
  • EarthCamp Village as short-term housing and simple building demonstration
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This permaculture design came out of our desire to move towards our vision for the land which we adopted in 2010.

CSC’s Vision for the Land
(in order of priority)

  • Develop the overall biological health of the property to promote increasing abundance and sustainable utilization of the land;
  • Utilize the CSC property for educational and demonstration purposes in accordance with the CSC Vision, Mission, and Goals;
  • Create approaches and programs to make the property economically self-supporting and capable of generating income for the CSC and for individuals working upon the property;
  • Support the experience of community on the property by providing opportunities for meaningful relationships among those who work with the land and among those who visit the property for recreation, education, and meditation;
  • Work to make the property inviting to the CSC Participants, Stelle residents, and community visitors.