What We Are Building

Earthcamp Village Cob Cabin

Earthcamp Village Cabin Made from Cob

On our 8.7 acres of land, we are building a demonstration project that shows how to create truly sustainable community.  This demonstration site will include such features as:

  • A three-season camping village made of naturally built cabins from the earth beneath our feet. The energy and water needs for these structures will be met on site as well.
  • Conversion of a single-crop apple orchard into a polycultured food forest with a minimum of 24 perennial crop varieties growing in relationship to each other–no plowing, herbicide or pesticides required.
  • A permaculturally designed greenhouse that will allow for year-round food production for all of us in CSC.
  • Several micro-business opportunities for individuals and small families living in Stelle, so that they can derive their annual income needs from here and from the land.
  • A cooperative system for structuring our business and working relationships that will honor each individual’s creativity and gifts, while also taking clear advantage of the benefits of working in relationship with each other. 

A greater description of the elements in our long-term design for our property can be found here.