2012 Internships

About the 2012 Work/Study Internship

We created a Work/Study Internship in conjunction with Midwest Permaculture, a training business based in Stelle.  Last year, our three resident interns took on raising broiler chickens and working the community garden while taking Permaculture design courses.

2012 Interns Rusty, Hayden and Zach (L-R) are shown above eating a lunch that they fully grew and prepared – chicken from the orchard and sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, onion and garlic from the community garden.

Russell Thompson is from Texas and was with us for 3 months as he learned the basic elements to creating a Permaculture design for a piece of land that he and his family own in Indiana. Rusty introduced himself in this Midwest Permaculture post.

Hayden was finishing up his first year of a 2-year internship and is the son of Bill and Becky Wilson of Midwest Permaculture.  Hayden’s first post is here.

Zach Watts is a Stelle community resident and was entering his senior year of high school in the fall. His was a summer internship.